Zestós DryFloat

The Art of Floating

Soothe, Balance & Recharge

Imagine a place where gravity loosens its grip and where your body lightens, floating on an invisible sea. This isn’t just a dream—it’s the reality awaiting you with Zestos DryFloat. Here, weightlessness envelops you gently, as if you’re being cradled by the hands of tranquility, and every stress and strain of the world dissipates into thin air.

The journey

Melt away tension & float away stress as the warmth of the water envelopes you gently

Provides relief for joints & muscular discomfort

A touchless experience that can be combined with other professional whole body treatments

Experience blissful suspension in water without getting a single thread wet

A deeper dive

The magic lies in the unique design. The bed remains stationary, while the water rises in perfect alignment with your body. Through a veil of flexible foil, you are touched by the warmth of water, experiencing a softness in transition from lying to floating. With only one-seventh of your body weight felt, the sensation of floating on water becomes a tangible reality.


· Warming and relaxation of the muscles.

· Improved blood circulation.

· Provides Relief for joints, the pelvis, spine & the complete skeleton.

· Alleviates Pain

Positive effects on anxiety, stress, depression and quality of sleep.