Wellness Lounger

Unwind your Mind

Found in the world’s most exclusive wellness centers, clinical health environments, and therapeutic & rehabilitation centers, Satori is a completely natural experience, that uses a multi-layered sound technology designed to help unravel the complexities of the mind and guide you towards a state of profound calm. The lounger releases specific sound frequencies that resonate through the body, amplifying the binaural sounds and music design, (occasionally enriched with guided meditation) to ease brainwave patterns to states of relaxation, restful sleep or heightened focus, depending on your needs.

The journey

Rebalance the mind AND body with Binaural sounds amplified by the power of tactile frequencies
Evidence-based for symptoms of low-energy, lack of sleep, anxiety, and stress
Unlock the path for Behavioral Change including weight reduction & addictive behaviors

A deeper dive

Settling into the comforting curves of the zero-gravity lounger, you effortlessly drift into an immersive experience that gently eases your thoughts. The art of binaural sound melded with the soothing power of tactile frequencies creates a symphony that synchronizes and rebalances your body and mind, for more heightened focus and clarity.

Grounded in scientific evidence, the Satori experience is a beacon for those grappling with low energy, sleeplessness, anxiety, and stress, offering a tranquil escape. It also unlocks the path for meaningful behavioral change, aiding in challenges like weight reduction and overcoming addictive behaviors.

Transition from the chaos of the busy world to a state of balance. The RLX Satori Wellness Lounger offers a unique sensory experience that’s grounded in research and science.