Ahead of its Time

Defying the boundaries of Human Touch

Our vision of technology and wellness come together to create a World-first massage evolution where technology and human touch unite, offering an extraordinary journey of sensory immersion. Enter a world that calms the mind and caresses the senses, through the age-old art of massage, harnessed by the power of an augmented touch experience in synergy with the symphony of nature’s sounds.

The journey

Enter a world that calms the mind and elevates the senses, through the power of massage in harmony with nature’s soothing sounds

The World-first where Technology & Human Touch unite, orchestrating a live performance that’s truly spectacular

An extraordinary immersive experience, bespoke – every time

A deeper dive

At the forefront of innovation, Augmented Massage creates a symbiotic relationship between guest and therapist. Digital sensors follow the movement of the therapist, in synchronicity with music and soothing sounds delivered through multi-channel speakers.

The harmonious fusion of movement and sound takes the guest on a journey of ‘augmented’ relaxation, wellness, and stress relief. This unique alignment not only enhances their experience, but also allows the therapist to elevate their artistry. Each gesture becomes a part of a musical masterpiece, thoughtfully and intuitively choreographed, setting the pulse and rhythm of an extraordinary and bespoke experience.