Immersive Alpha-Quartz Experience

The Ancient Art of Sand Bathing Re-invented

Escape to a sanctuary of pure relaxation, that enriches your physical and mental wellbeing. The luxurious design of the MLX Quartz combines ancient remedies with state-of-the-art technology, offering an immersive experience that promotes deep relaxation and delights the senses, for the ultimate 21st century wellness experience.
Surrender to the quartz’s gentle warmth as it envelops you, effortlessly dissolving tension. Its calming embrace creates a cocoon that not only nourishes your immune system but also boosts circulation and alleviates pain.

The journey

Immerse yourself in a Sanctuary of pure Relaxation and elevate your Wellbeing

Melt away tension as warm sand gently envelopes you in a cocoon of calmness

Nourish your immune system, enhance blood circulation and alleviate pain

A signature treatment that can be combined with sound healing, aesthetics or as a standalone.

Unearth an unforgettable Journey to Wellness rooted in science

A deeper dive

The gentle yet deeply warming effects enhance the integration of signature treatments, sound-healing, massages and the use of quartz poultices. Whether you use it for a personal retreat or combine it with the expertise of a therapist, the MLX Quartz promises an unforgettable experience.
Elevate your wellbeing and unearth an unforgettable Journey to Wellness rooted in science.