Augmented Massage

Technology & Human Touch unite, for an extraordinary immersive experience that Calms the mind and elevates the Senses

RLX Satori

From a busy mind to effortlessly balanced, a unique sensory experience grounded in science

MLX i³Dome

Re-charge and Revitalize, your key to an evidence-based Mind and Body Detox.


Press the pause button and let the power of sound and vibration synchronize and rebalance the Body and Mind.

MLX Quartz

Melt away tension and unearth an unforgettable Journey to Wellness rooted in science

Libra Edge

Retreat into tranquility to cleanse, calm and balance the Body, Mind and Soul

RLX Aurasens

Your ticket to pure bliss without having
to pack your bags.


Merging NASA’s pioneering technology with beauty
and wellness optimization

Zestós DryFloat

Experience blissful suspension in water without getting a single thread wet

ReLounge ZeroG

Revolutionize back, neck, & shoulder pain relief with an FDA-approved, 4-in-1 touchless breakthrough