RElounge ZEROG

Back on Track

The Future of Touchless Back Pain Relief

ReLounge ZeroG is a groundbreaking innovation designed to elevate any space and the caliber of services provided within.
A revolution in back pain management, it combines four powerful solutions—E-Stimulation, Heat, TENS, and Massage—into one seamless device. Engineered for neck, back, and shoulder pain relief, ReLounge ZeroG delivers results in just 20 minutes, and after just one session, making it perfect for standalone sessions or integration into wellness circuits.

The journey

Pain Relief for Neck, Back & Shoulder Pain

4 Solutions in one device (E-Stimulation, Heat, TENS, Massage)

FDA cleared and Medically Certified

Evidence Based

A deeper dive

In an era where back pain is a commonality, affecting 80% of the population at some point in their lives, the demand for an effective relief system is undeniable. ReLounge ZeroG steps in as the touchless, medically certified solution that’s not only FDA cleared but also rooted in evidence based practices.
Discover peace of mind and relief with ReLounge ZeroG, the touchless solution that promises to transform your approach to back pain (and neck and shoulders too!)